5/24/2022 21 DEAD

After today horrific events, we all will see republicans, bought and paid for by the NR(ussia)A tell us that it’s not time to talk about this.

It’s not time to pass anything about gun reform.

They will bullshit us and tell us that we need to honor those children that just got slaughtered by a weapon of mass destruction at the hands of a home-grown terrorist.

They will say this and offer thoughts and prayers.

They will bow their heads, open their pockets, then head off to the next NR(ussia)A event and collect their money while parents are faced to deal with bone-crushing grief.

Families will try and figure out how not to be broken, shattered, crushed under the repressive wright of such a loss that I could not and cannot imagine.

Parents will lay in bed, sleepless, fractured, left wholeless, wondering in sorrow, wondering if they told their children “I love you” before they left for another school that day only to die at the barrow of a gun.

Parents will fall into the deepest pits of darkness, not wanting to find the light of day, that light was brutally, viciously, destroyed by a bullet that came from an 18-year-old who bought 2 assault rifles on his birthday without a background check, because slaughtering children is the Texas way?

These parents will never wake up from this, they will look normal, they will act normal, but the light has been snuffed out, ripped from them by a nation that suffers from an addiction to gun envy.

A nation that is willing to throw other people’s children into the meat grinder, all the while stuffing their pockets full of the green god’s lifeblood.

 These things, these creatures that feed off the greed, the blood, the bones of the dead will happily drive that child into the grave and bury their coffins then stuff more green blood into their pockets until the cries of the dead babies fade into another tragedy and these families are left to bury their children in silence.

I will weep my good friends until the end of the days

Thank you for reading this. It makes me sick I had to write it.

I’m going to cry now, God, if your there, look after these angles, they are in your hands now.

J.W. Berwyn

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