Like many projects I have done throughout my life, I long to do better. I love my book, I love the work that I put into writing, editing, revising and publishing Tazeric, Sword of Light and Dark. When I finished, I felt something was missing, something was off. When I wrote the 2nd book in this series, I went back and read Tazeric as a reader, not the author.

There is a time when most writers want to slam their heads, figuratively, into a wall after reading their own works. After finishing the rough draft of my 2nd book and releasing it to my beta readers, I set out to make Tazeric a better, more rounded experience for my readers.

So, on June 1st, I am relaunching Tazeric, Sword of Light and Dark on Amazon. I am going offer the book free to anyone who wished to read it for the first week. I have always strived to put out the best book I can possibly write.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this. I promise to have an update in a week.

J.W. Berwyn

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