Tazeric: Sword of Light and Dark

The Demon army is massing. A small group of women set out to find a epic sword. What they find is much more than they ever expected. This is a story about a group of women who defy the odds to battle evil, find sisterhood and love.


I thank you for visiting my site.

I have been a writer for so long that I cannot remember not writing. I am so very happy that you have chosen to read my (upcoming) book or books. The re-release of Tazeric: Sword of Light and Dark happens on June 1st. I hope that you have enjoyed reading them as I have enjoyed writing about Zenith, Nami, Megan and all the rest of their party as they continue to fight for justice and against the forces of evil.

Thank you,

J.W. Berwyn

Link to the book:


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